Arthur’s Pass National Park Visitor Centre Redevelopment

Department of Conservation | Lincoln University
Previous work with the Department of Conservaiton has identified the national park as a strong site to welcome new audiences into conservation. How might the redeveloped visitor centre become a place for first time visitors, and for those returning to discover new experiences, and be invited to be part of the conservation mission of Aotearoa New Zealand?
This project identifies key visitor information needs, and presents developed concepts for the proposed redevelopment’s to engage first-time visitors and those returning into new conservation experiences.

Applying a User-centered Approach

Taking a user-centered approach, the initial phase of the project identifies essential information requirements and the effectiveness of the ways they are currently delivered.

Concept Design

The interpretive programme is categorised and sequenced according to 4 key themes, which take visitors through the stories of the first experiences, biodiversity, getting involved and mahinga kai and journeys

Key Design Elements

A series of key design elements are further developed to assess their value, usability and adoptability from a user perspective.

Detailed Design

Each of the design element is developed in detail for quoting and third-party user testing purposes.


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