Marian College

The overall landscape master plan establishes a vision and strategy to transform the new school ground from an industrial site into a place where students, parents and staff will call home. The plan weaves together the building with the outdoor space, and connects the school with its neighbouring school Saint Joseph School. A series of …

Greenhill Lodge Masterplan

The site visit and desktop study process provides a foundation that informs the development of the landscape strategy. The project sets out a landscape vision and strategy to develop Greenhill as an innovative form of future productive landscape that can nourish both people and nature. It can also demonstrate relevant models for approaching farming and …

Guide Hill Station Restoration Strategy

Mapping the Station Guide Hill Station is is home to many special treasures – a rich sheep farming heritage, spectacular mountains, amazing blue lakes and precious wildlife and ecosystems found nowhere else in the world. Interweaving the Cultural, Ecological and Productive Landscape The strategy simultaneously considers the cultural, productive, and ecological landscape. The restoration projects …

Lowburn Ferry Vineyard Master Plan

Animating a Landscape Master Plan The master plan is presented as an animated narrative to reveal the landscape layers that are proposed to growing the Lowburn Ferry Vineyard.

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