WePlant App: Making Planting Social

Growing a Forest of Native Planting and People Simultaneously This app lets people record their planting with a photo of themselves so that others viewing the plantings see not only a forest of trees, but using augmented reality, also see the forest of people involved.

Guide Hill Station Outdoor Museum Interpretation Design

Re-imagining a Wild Lake Around 600 years ago, Pūkaki was a wild, untamed lake, with the surrounding lands sustaining a rich abundance of native habitat and wildlife… Tussock – Growing Island of Life Tussock are an integral part of Mackenzie Country. While from a distance they might look like simple, tall and brown grasses, each […]

OneFarm: Future Farming Scenarios Communication Strategy

Stage One: Research and exploration The first stage of the project involved breaking down the future farm scenarios, and exploring different ways their unique values might be expressed. Initial grid representing each scenario. Research and inspiration was also used in this process and can be seen pinned to the grid. Stage Two: Concept development Following […]

Aotearoa New Zealand’s ‘Arc of Influence’

How do we see New Zealand and its environment? New Zealand’ is commonly perceived as series of islands in the South Pacific; isolated, oasis-like, covered in forest; and physically ‘separated’ from the rest of the world by the Pacific Ocean. Research undertaken by New Zealand’s Department of Conservation has revealed that our perception of ‘quintessentially […]

Exhibition: The Story of Aotearoa New Zealand’s National Parks

The Museum of Chinese Gardens and Landscape Architecture The exhibition was hosted in the Museum of Chinese Gardens and Landscape Architecture, Beijing. A Cross-cultural Collaboration Design and Implementation Process A series of discussions, meetings and on-site workshops were held between Museum of Chinese Gardens and Landscape Architecture and Lincoln University to exhibition proposal with Exhibition […]

Wild Heart Project Branding and Communication Strategy

Logo The logo draws from the heart-shape motif of the kawakawa leaf, which also represents healing and restoring nature and our connections with it. Visual Identity System The project is based on the purpose of making a real difference for the environment. A friendly, green look reflects this aspiration, along with typography and colour palette […]