Wild Heart Project Branding and Communication Strategy

Wild Heart Project & Conservation Volunteers New Zealand
The Wild Heart Project exists to bring passionate people together to grow the native forests and habitat that will let our native wildlife thrive. How might their purpose be communicated effectively to inspire actions?
A branding and communication strategy is developed to engage local and international volunteers from to join overnight conservation projects across Aotearoa.


The logo draws from the heart-shape motif of the kawakawa leaf, which also represents healing and restoring nature and our connections with it.

Visual Identity System

The project is based on the purpose of making a real difference for the environment. A friendly, green look reflects this aspiration, along with typography and colour palette that speak of nature.

Website/Booking Engine

The website is designed to bring people on board, and to invite them to join Wild Heart Proejct’s overnight volunteer projects. It is also developed to be optimised to display across all modern devices.

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