Matakana Coast Tracks and Trails Strategy

NZ Walking Access Commission Ara Hīkoi Aotearoa | Matakana Coast Trail Trust
The community of Matakana Coast is driven to create a connected landscape and coastscape. How might a strategy be developed to focus community efforts to deliver on the ground impact that will achieve greatly improved tracks and trails in the Warkworth and Matakana Region?
The Matakan Coast Strategic Action Plan is accompanied by a narrative and vision piece which distils the key essence of the trail network and allows mana whenua, trail builders, the community, funders, and most importantly, the end user to help create, sustain and use the trail network.

Undertaking a Collaboration Process

The development of the Strategy has involved ongoing input, workshops and discussion with iwi, local government and central government agencies, local community groups and key stakeholders.

Identifying Key Landscape Layers

A ‘layering approach’ considering a range of landscape and seascape factors was used to analyse existing factors valued in the region.

Vision and Six Linked Strategies

Our vision is to create a series of trails that join together to connect us with our coast and forests and the presence of the ocean that is always in our midst. Linking together a network of tracks and trails projects to create a connected landscape and coastscape.

In-depth Study of the Region’s Network

Desktop and site study of the region help identify and develop options to enlist the enthusiasm of community involvement along with processes of land-use change, subdivision, covenanting and conservation to build a regional scale network of tracks and trails.

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