Franklin-North Waikato Tracks and Trails Strategy

NZ Walking Access Commission Ara Hīkoi Aotearoa | Lincoln University
The Waikato shapes this place and its people, directing the rich fabric of settlements and activities that make up this place. How might a strategy help connect people with this, in ways that will connect locals and visitors with the Awa and the ways we can all care for the river’s health, life and stories, both now and for generations to come?
The strategy utilises existing opportunities and addresses key challenges, and celebrates the capacity of the Waikato River and its many paths and journeys to inspire and connect people, and through these connections grow a trail network that creates active, healthy, and connected communities.

Undertaking a Collaboration Process

The development of the Strategy has involved ongoing input, workshops and discussion with iwi, local government and central government agencies, local community groups and key stakeholders.


Map of the region showing part of the extent of the Waikato, including its waterways, wetlands and lakes – expressing a shared aspiration for looking after the awa, and a vision to connect the trails and journeys of this place with the path of the Waikato River

Key foundation projects and tool

Expressing a shared aspiration for looking after the awa.

Strategies and Key Foundation Projects

This vision is to be realised through an interconnected series of six linked strategies and six foundation trail projects that work to support and strengthen existing local and central government initiatives.

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