Arthur’s Pass National Park Visitor Engagement Strategy

Department of Conservation | Lincoln University
Arthur’s Pass National Park and Village offer great potential for engaging visitors into taking part in their first conservation-based activities. How might information be presented in ways to support new participants in these values and activities?
This project identifies key information needs and strategic options for these to be presented as part of the overall Arthur’s Pass National Park experience, which includes sites along the journey to the park.

Identifying Key Opportunities for Engaging Visitors into their Conservation Journey

Five key opportunities are identified as a result of desktop study and on-site observations. Together these help inform information requirements and the key sites to best engage visitors with.

Assessing current information requirements and delivery

Current ways of delivering information along SH73, in the visitor centre, and around the village and local businesses.

Key Site 1 – Arthur’s Pass National Park Highway

Key sites along the highway present great opportunities in engaging first-time and less experienced users in conservation and recreation.

Key Site 2 – Arthur’s Pass Conservation Hub

At the Arthur’s Pass Village – the destination for the Arthur’s Pass Experience, this strategy assesses and considers site options that could best support the Department’s National Visitor Centre Strategy, and ways to facilitate and support first experiences.


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